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Submitted on
October 29, 2012
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                       The six fingered hero sat in his cavelike lair
                      sitting with his lady
                                     with the world he had no care
                    the ominous storm brewing foreshadowed the evil deed
                            that the cosmic owl had fortold
                              to which he had taken no heed
                     The legendary hero had just made a grave mistake
                     That the human boy would find
                                 while adventuring in his wake

                     The evil snuck in, using the form of a common snail
                    Dragging around a large book, it became Billy's tail
                   Waiting until they were alone
                                  No one could witness this HORRIBLE ACT
                 For the evil one knew his weakness, the one thing that he lacked,
                                        L O V E
                 "Impossible!" yelled Billy, "The human hero filled my heart!"
                The evil one laughed at the notion and exclaimed, "You fool!
             You think that an insignificant boy could fix the things you've done?
               What he did was merely place some light to cover the dark part."

              The evil one then grew to full size
                                      larger, Larger, LARGER
                       The stench of decaying flesh coming up on the rise
      "Any last words, Billy?" the villain asked, pinning him to the ground and laughing
                                    in mad joy
     Billy gathered his strength, looked up, and choked out,"Please, oh please, spare the
                                     human boy."      
           The antagonist laughed hysterically, and looked Billy in the eye            
              The empty, hollowed out sockets showed images
                                    images that would make you cry
                       images of the past,
                                    the present,
                                  T H E  F U T U R E
              "No," Billy gasped, not wanting to believe his eyes
                The villain simply grinned and sadistically sneered, "Get ready to die.
                                  "Goodbye Billy"
                The one by the name of the Lich put on the gauntlet of Billy
               The object that had brought his downfall by the boy, oh how silly,
                        The object that had become his doom and
                                     his saviour
             The one by the name of the Lich,
                                       he rose his hand above his head
              He brought down his hand, and in seconds, Billy was
                                       D E A D
        The Lich removed his hand from the spot where Billy's heart should've been
       Took Billy's skin and heart, necessary ingredients in order to fool the chosen one,
                                        F I N N
                         And as he lay, stone dead on the floor
                        All of Ooo mourned, for the hero Billy, was
                                      no more.

So. I wrote a poem about the Lich and Billy. It's really long. I wrote most of it in a car with a headache, so, it sucks.
So much speculation.
Hey, what if Billy was the Lich......THE WHOLE TIME? :iconmotherofgod-plz
EllieFreakinPotter Oct 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Fairybunny27 Oct 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nu-uh. It's really long. Oh and call me. Or text me. Or something.
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